How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin sterile needles into specific areas or points on the body. Once inserted they stimulate the nervous system which supports the body in regulating or attaining homeostasis, which means the balance of yin and yang. They also serve  by producing endogenous opioids the bodies natural pain killers, regulating hormone balance, increasing blood flow throughout the body supporting the healing process of injured or deficient areas of the body & restoring healthy blood flow, strengthens the immune system, affects neurotransmitters helping the body deal with stress anxiety & depression. Most importantly acupuncture promotes healing by using the bodies innate energy to heal itself.

A common assumption about acupuncture is that it hurts.  Fear of pain from acupuncture needles is one of the most common reasons people forgo acupuncture. Often to the astonishment of those who commit acupuncture  doesn’t hurt. No pain, though, does not mean no sensation. Each person experiences acupuncture in their own unique way, some as sensation of warmth or tingling, mostly my patients report feeling peaceful,  deep meditative state or  even sleep referred to as the “Acu-nap”.

Acupuncture facilitates the body’s innate healing abilities. Our bodies are incredible systems that can rebuild bone, muscle, tissues and nerves, and regulate hormones and brain chemistry all at the same time.

Chinese medicine is a holistic  treatment and is not a one size fits all, we are individual and unique. That’s why I take the time to sit down with each patient, listen to your specific symptoms and complaints, and formulate a treatment protocol that is personalized to your unique body and life. I follow up with my patients and adjust the treatment protocol as your health goals are attained. In this way, I ensure long-term solutions for my patients  not just a temporary fix to make their symptoms go away.

Before your first treatment

  • It is best to be neither hungry nor extremely full during your treatment.
  • So please make sure to eat and drink water before your session.
  • Wear loose comfortable loose fitting clothing so I can treat a specific area of concern.
  • Don’t brush your tongue before your treatment, its a diagnostic tool
  • Print out & complete your new patient paperwork , and don’t forget to bring it with you.

During your treatment –

  • First we will review your intake form and discuss your concerns and health goals
  • I will check your tongue which provides me with information on your internal state of homeostasis.
  • I will check your pulse which in Chinese medicine is a more extensive tool than just a heart rate.
  • Feel free to ask questions as they arise, this is your time.
  • I create an environment to support you in relaxing, I believe the body heals better when the mind is quiet.

Once the needles go in~ you may feel a variety of sensations, please let me know what you are feeling, they should be comfortable sensations and indicate that we’re stimulating the body correctly by activating nerves and connective tissue. I will then leave you to relax for 45 minutes, usually with soft music,  or silent reflection an eye mask and essential oil aromatherapy.

     To Achieve Your Health Goals

It is important to commit to the appropriate frequency of follow-up visits recommended in your individual care plan. In most cases, it is recommended that follow up treatments be done every 5-7 days for a period of time, after which the frequency is stretched out as your body begins to show signs of recovery.  In some cases, the intervals will be shorter.  In some cases they will be longer.  Allowing too much time to go by between treatments, early on in your case, will greatly interfere with your body’s ability to integrate and maximize the healing effects of Acupuncture.  For average conditions, I recommend one treatment at least once a week preferably at least three to six consecutive weeks. Most conditions show significant improvement within three to twelve sessions.For health maintenance or preventative care, I recommend four treatments per season or 12 treatments per year.